The minor traffic accident talked about in this voicemail is not the comical part, it’s the funny commentary of a caller that causes the comedy.

While working as a construction manager a few years ago, Michael Childs was driving through Athens, Texas, where he witnessed a car run a red light and clip four old ladies in an Impala. Michael says that a guy wearing a white shirt and a tie with cigarette hanging out of his mouth got out of the car that ran the red light, and began berating the ladies as if the accident was their fault. Well those sweet old ladies weren't having it and hopped out of the Impala and began assaulting the motorist with a variety of weapons including pepper spray, an umbrella, a bible and a “huge big bag."

“This one woman with a little black purse, she’s tomahawkin’ him, man!” LOL

According to Snopes, this clip first surfaced on the internet back in early 2005 and resurfaced recently. Michael Childs maintains that he is in fact the man who left the voicemail and that it is 100% genuine.

I’m willing to bet that listening to Michael’s account is probably better than actually watching the events unfold!

Enjoy the Hilarity!