Tulip Time is upon us and that means that thousands of guests are on their way to Holland to see Dutch Dancers klompen around Centennial Park in their wooden shoes starting Wednesday night at 7 p.m., for some pre-festival dance action.

Don't miss out on the Tulip Time 5k Run Saturday morning at 8 a.m.! There's also an ongoing carnival at Kollen Park with fireworks at dusk on Saturday.  The annual Street Scrubbing is at 10a.m. on Saturday May 14th (just before my Sleepover) and the Muziekparade follows at 2p.m.  For all festival activities, dates and times ... click here!

My lovely niece, Grace, is an accomplished Dutch Dancer and recently traveled to the windy city to show off her wooden shoe skilz!  Of course, I'm the proud aunt, but I think you're gonna get a kick out of their performance that has helped put West Michigan on the map this season!

Watch the video of the Dutch Dance Exhibition Team that performed at the Fox affiliate in Chicago last month!