West Michigan has been getting a lot of love from the national media in recent years. Of course, Grand Rapids is Beer City, USA, Forbes also named GR one of the top 10 "Happiest Cities to Work In", and was named the number one city to raise a family. But now, another West Michigan town is getting some national attention. Forbes has named Holland one of "America's Prettiest Towns".

What is it about Holland that caught Forbes' eye? Well, in their own words:

If you can’t find the time to fly to Holland next year in time for the annual tulip festival, then maybe you can drive to Holland, Michigan, in May for their annual Tulip Time Festival. The festival, like the town itself, is a nod to the strong Dutch roots that is still proudly on display. North of Chicago and located on Lake Michigan’s eastern shores, Holland attracts visitors year-round with wide beaches, a lively arts scene, shops that celebrate Dutch culture, and even a sidewalk snowmelt system that keeps downtown’s streets dry during those cold, wet Lake Michigan winter days. Williams enjoys visiting when the weather is nicer – “anytime we can take in the Windmill Island Gardens” – when a stroll downtown can easily lead to arms laden with shopping bags and an evening of good food in one of the small town’s many inviting restaurants.

It's nice to see people from other parts of the country expressing what those of us who live here have known forever - West Michigan really is a place everyone should visit.