Erik Prince is a native of Holland and the founder of security firm Blackwater Worldwide, which is now called Xe.  Blackwater/Xe is known worldwide due in part to its high profile government assignments.

The secrecy, money, and controversy surrounding the company has movie producer/director Renny Harlin preparing to make a major film about the life of Erik Prince.

Renny Harlin has worked on many films including:  'Die Hard 2' and 'Cliffhanger'.  Harlin is currently working on a war movie titled '5 Days of War'.

Here are his comments about the Erik Prince film to

I have a big movie that is based on a book that I optioned called 'Master of War'. I guess I’m just making movies that have "war" in the title, but it’s based on a book that tells the story of Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, and it’s a very interesting story of a guy who put an army together from scratch and became a giant player in the whole business of war. So that’s another sort of reality-based movie that I’m very excited about.

There is no doubt this movie would create quite a buzz around West Michigan and the entire country.

Would you see it?