If you have been playing Pokemon GO and loving the concept of augmented reality (seeing Pokemon in the natural environment through your phone), then Night Terrors might be your next big hobby!  Well, that's if you are a fan of horror...

Night Terrors has been in production for a while now and is finally slated to be released in time for Halloween of this year.  The game uses your phone to pretty literally scare the crap out of you!

This game will essentially be a horror film that you get to participate in.  Through the use of your phone, your home will be turned into a nightmare!  Watch paintings fall off the wall revealing messages written in blood, see ghosts walking down your hallways, and open doors to reveal terrifying scenes of mayhem!

Below you can get a tease of what the game play will be like.

Well, what do you think?  Horror buffs are probably drooling over these trailers, but for the average person...  Is it too much for you to handle?