What happens when you attach a GoPro to a Hot Wheels car and send it down a crazy long track?  Awesomeness...  Pure, unadulterated AWESOMENESS!  The video features a car heading down a track that seems impossibly long.  Well, it is.  According to 5MadMovieMakers, the creators of the video, several cuts had to be made.

"Ride along on the Hot Wheels car as it travels through 8 different track sections all connected by teleporting tunnels ... In total there are 11 cuts in the video, 7 between locations and 4 for slow motion footage."

Even with the cuts, it's still an amazing video.  Especially when the Hot Wheels car gets to the pool.  Yeah, there is a pool.  If you stopped the video before seeing the pool, you've done yourself a disservice.