It's nice to know that hotels actually pay attention to their special request section. The guy who was booking this room made his off the wall comments as a joke, but hospitality is no laughing matter with this hotel staff. While booking a room online for The Woodlands Resort, the guest, Dustin, asked for two specific additions to the room to be present upon their arrival. He included; quote, "Three red M&Ms on the counter.  Not packages, just three single M&Ms.  One for me, one for my girlfriend, and one to split if we get hungry late at night.  And a picture of bacon set on the bed.  I love pictures of bacon."

Hilarious. But the best part is that the hotel actually went through with it! When he and his girlfriend walked into their room, they were a little confused to see three single red M&Ms on the table and a framed bacon photograph on the bed. He had forgotten what he'd typed.