So lately we have been hearing about all the stories of schools withholding diplomas because students embarrass the School somehow. Well, what do you do when the School embarrasses you at Graduation? At Spring Creek High School in Nevada, they did just that. They sent the worst message possible to the graduating class by passing out diplomas that had the word "graduation" misspelled! They threw an extra "a" in there after the "t." (Graduataion)

The Principal, Mr. Keith Walz, said the misspelled diplomas were an "inadvertent mistake" and the school's supplier, Jostens, owned up to the error and sent out corrected diplomas to the affected graduates. Also, last week about 8,000 graduates at Parkdale High School in Maryland received diplomas with the word "program" misspelled.

Now I understand why test scores in some schools are bad, they learn from schools like this.