asked this question: if Michigan were a storage facility, how many countries could we hold, one at a time?

More than you would think. England fits into Michigan. So does Ireland. 

In fact, according to the site, Michigan, if it were a separate entitiy would be the 77th largest country in the world, which means a lot of countries can fit into us.

134 to be exact. So used some analytics to show how Michigan compares, size wise to the rest of the world.

Of course, using maps to illustrate size is a tricky matter, since most 2D map projections distort size in favor of shape. This includes the Mercator Projection used by Google Maps. Fortunately, we found, a tool which runs on top of Google Maps and accounts for these distortions, allowing for accurate size comparisons. Now you can see exactly how these countries would fit inside of your Michigan self storage unit.

Here's the freakiest stat they uncovered: Bangladesh would fit into Michigan 1.6 times, but has more than 16 times the population. Can you imgine 16 times more people in our state?Up north wouldn't be nearly as spacious as it is now, would it?

See the comparative study of putting things into Michigan here.