Homework used to be something that kids just did (though not always without protest). Though, when I was a kid (cue "back in my day" old lady voice), I don't remember having much of it, at least until I was out of elementary school. In fact, I don't really remember having much homework at all until I reached the fourth grade. My parents were lucky in that I was a good student and rarely, if ever needed help with my homework (except in German, and having a mom who's from there helps).

These days, though, a lot of parents are far more involved in their kid's schooling than their parents were. Most kids are read to before they're even out of the womb. There are television shows that teach kids that counting is fun. And, more because they have to than that they want to, they sit down and help their kids with their homework.

In an article today in the New York Times, there was a report saying that many schools are not re-evaluating their homework polices and looking to emphasize quality over quantity. I have friends who are constantly telling me about how their kids have so much homework that they can't even handle it. That they're up with their elementary school-aged kids until 10pm just trying to get it all done. It's crazy, and they all want it changed. Children shouldn't be brought to tears by their homework nightly. They shouldn't be staying up far later than they should because the work load is so heavy, they say.

It seems that many schools are starting to take the parents' opinions into consideration, which is a good thing.