I never realized I spoke Michigander until I took this test! Try it!

The New York Times posted an article that's getting some crazy shares on Facebook, and it's pretty accurate.

The quiz asks 25 questions, most focus on how you pronounce different words, for example, "How do you pronounce been?"

It then gives you the options: "With the vowel in sit, with the vowel in see, with the vowel in set." 

The quiz then starts to focus on questions like "what do you call the night before Halloween?"

Anyone from Michigan is going to say "Devils Night."

After you get through the quiz, the site gives you a personalized dialect map. It's pretty legit, too!

From the site: "Most of the questions used in this quiz are based on those in the Harvard Dialect Survey."

Considering I'm from Toledo and have spent most of my life in Michigan, my map came out pretty accurate.

Looks like I picked up on the Grand Rapids speak pretty quick!