Starting Saturday, July 8th, M-6 will be getting much needed reconstruction that will last the remainder of the summer.  The construction project was originally scheduled to begin during the summer of 2018, but because of deteriorating conditions it needed to be started this summer.

The construction will completely close the freeway in 2 stages between Wilson Avenue in Kent County and Jackson Street in Ottawa County.  The first stage will begin on July 8th and last through November and will include the reconstruction on Eastbound side of the freeway.  The second stage will begin around Labor Day and will include the reconstruction of the Westbound side.

The repairs to the road are needed far earlier than expected.  The freeway was built only about a dozen years ago and shouldn't have needed any repairs for another several years, but due to extreme weather, the concrete is starting to crumble.

Below is a map of the area that will be under construction, the detour routes, and a suggested alternate route.

Red - Reconstruction, road closed
Green - Detour routes
Blue - Alternate route suggestion