"OMG that piece of bacon looks disgusting!" Said NO ONE EVER!

...until now...

A picture has gone viral that a woman shared on her Facebook a few days ago of what would've been potential dinner. But something stopped her from making a delicious BLT sandwich.

Yes, that's a nipple on her bacon. And not just any nipple but a GIANT one too.


I can hear the Veganists (or is it Veganites?) now proclaiming this is why they don't eat meat and the rest of us shouldn't, and how the nipple is a reminder that the piece of bacon was once an animal before it got slaughtered.

Yes, it's pretty disgusting, but not enough to make me swear off meat. I'll probably go vegetarian for like the next five minutes. Then it's back to bacon!

Here's a plate of bacon as a reminder of why we love bacon (without nipples).


Bacon in a cup.


Sizzling bacon.

Bacon and beer are the focal points for the foodie fare for the second annual BaCon: A Bacon & Beer Celebration on Nov. 8 at The DeltaPlex Arena & Conference Center in Grand Rapids. (Photo: Chris Yarzab)

Mmm bacon.


Okay, all better. Now we can go back to normal.