I'll be the first to stand up and say I don't really give a crap about sports.  Of any kind.  I also suck at sports.  Of any kind.  Weightlifting?  No problem.  Anything with ball or bat?  No way.

My wife is way better at sports than I am (she also drinks beer and I don't, but that's another story).

Growing up, my dad was almost always working.  And when he was home, I don't remember ever watching sports or playing catch in the yard.

And that's okay by me, especially when I see guys holding on to a championship from thirty years ago when they were in high school, as if nothing else better has happened in their entire life.  It's also okay by me when I see sports fans arguing, insulting each other and getting in fights over which team is better or which player sucks.   It's ridiculous.   Don't we all have more important things to worry about?

Then I see guys who piss away entire weekends in front of the TV watching sports, all the while thinking they can do a better job than the players on the field.  The coach sucks, the quarterback sucks, the defensive line sucks, etc, etc.   I don't get it.

Finally, some sports players are still a horse's ass even after thirty years.  Take this video for example.  Yes it's funny to see two old guys getting in a fight - and I give the one guy props for getting in a good punch - but it's just stupid that they're fighting because one guy had to show he had a bigger you-know-what than the other guy.