It's funny how certain words and their meanings change over the years. So much so that it can affect the culture we live in.

The Canyons School District located in Utah has decided against using the term "Cougars" as a mascot for a new high school in large part because... well I'm sure you know why.  District Superintendent David S. Doty said they decided to go with "Chargers" instead, despite a poll showing 26 percent (the majority) of the students were in favor of using the "Cougar" as the mascot.

Doty says public comments reflect a desire to be different, but he also notes that some see the word "Cougar" as carrying a "negative double entendre." Sorry, but I have in invoke my opinion here with a simple question.

Did the districts super just take it upon himself to go against what the vote was and go with his OWN opinion and views? Could it be possible that the reason "Cougar" has a "negative double entendre", is because people who should "know better" treat the word as such?

If we start censoring words like "Cougar" because someone decided to use the word in slang to describe something else... we have a bigger issue on hand.