Let's reminisce about Grand Rapids’ On Tap for a minute.  It was the big beer festival we had downtown at Calder Plaza, July 15th.  We had great beers from all over the country including a large showing of the West Michigan breweries, and we had a great turn out, with a fun group of people trying all the different brews we had.

After a little bit though, Christine and I got this great idea to get a camera and start asking people random questions just to see how smart they thought they were and how smart they actually were, after having a few drinks.  We like to call it “Drunk Trivia”!

I gotta say, even though some people were waaaay off, I was still surprised we couldn’t trip up more people. I do love the part though when I gave an “engineer” which he bragged about being, a math question that well, probably wouldn’t have stumped him normally.  Or when Christine asks, what E-Y-E-S spells, the lady got it wrong, but we LOVED her answer!