Hey everyone it’s Connie. Dan and I were sitting at home the other day when, out of the blue, I looked at him and asked him today’s text question of the day.  "If you were arrested what would your friends and family assume it was for?”

I don’t know why I asked that but his response was knocking someone out for messing with someone that I love. Here is what the rest of the “CLICK OF 6” had to say to the

Text Question of the day:
If you were arrested what would your friends and family assume it was for?

  • With my history with police, my family would know that I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Especially since it wouldn't be the first time.
  • Family and friends would assume I would be arrested for speeding.
  • I'd be arrested for assault on someone for hurting a child or animal
  • If I was arrested my family would think it was for road rage.
  • Flashing
  • B & E a house in my neighborhood that makes me nervous. The shades have NEVER been open in YEARS and he has black plastic over his garage windows too.
  • Shooting my daughters stalker
  • Forgetting to pay a traffic ticket!! Hahaha
  • I would be arrested for belting out the little mermaid too loud in my car
  • My husband says his family would assume he was arrested for fighting
  • My friends would assume I was in jail for punching someone in the face if they insult me. I was bullied as a kid and teenager for being overweight and took the abuse. No more of that. I stand up for myself and others now!!
  • If I was arrested they would assume 1st that it was mistaken identity then they would it was murder
  • No joke people would think I've been arrested for an over due library book
  • Road rage
  • Public intoxication...probably peeing in the alley
  • If i got arrested, my friends and family would just assume it was because i was stalking Gavin DeGraw...lol????.
  • If I get arrested they would think I burned down a hunting store
  • Public nudity or indecent exposure
  • My friends would think I would get arrested for reckless driving
  • It would have to do with saving a pup and a pissed off owner.
  • Either a kidnapping my child or killing baby mama
  • They would assume I stole a cute dog from someone
  • If I got arrested my family and friends would definitely think it was for yelling at a male in public for disrespecting a female.
  • If I were arrested, my family would think it would be for the grill crunching someone! So many stupid people out there!
  • …LOL! Throat punching people! Damn voice to text and AutoCorrect get me every time