Growing up, there were certain things that I could count on. On random holidays (Halloween, 4th of July, Thanksgiving) I would get a card in the mail from my aunt and uncle who live in Gaylord with a dollar in it. My grandmother would probably give me a check for $11 on my birthday. And if I told my parents that I needed yet another pair of new shoes for yet another sport, they were probably going to tell me to buy them with my own money because I already had plenty of shoes (which I did). I think that that was a pretty normal childhood, even though my parents didn't want to buy me 47 new pairs of shoes every year, I don't consider them to be bad parents.

That's because I'm normal. You probably feel the same about your parents. And that's because you're normal, too. These kids I'm about to tell you about, they are in no way normal.

In Illinois today, a court ruled that Kimberly Garrity was never a bad mom. This was ruled in a court case that was initiated by her children. Who are both adults.

It gets better. Kimberly's kids obviously have some sort of crazy sense of entitlement, because they were suing her for $50,000 for things like not sending them money in birthday cards, made her daughter come home early from homecoming, and once told her son (who was 7 at the time) that she would call the police if he didn't buckle his seat belt. Wow, yeah, that's some really bad mothering there.

The real kicker, these kids grew up living with their father, who also served as their attorney in this case, in a $1.5 million home.

As I read this article from ABC News, I could hardly contain my complete anger at these "kids", who are actually full grown adults. Are you kidding me? Good for the judge for ruling in favor of Kimberly.

And you know, I should probably just leave it at that and let you decide what you think.

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