Vaneta Becker, a senator from Indiana, is trying to push through a bill in her state that will impose a $25 fine on anyone who deviates from certain standards while performing "The Star Spangled Banner" at events that are sponsored by public schools and universities. Now, she says that this isn't to punish people who can't carry a tune, but more for people who find it necessary to change the words when they sing it.

If this law would have been in effect 10 years ago, Steven Tyler would have incurred the fine when he changed the line "home of the brave" to "home of the Indianapolis 500" when he sang the anthem there. But, would this also apply to Jimi Hendrix's rendition done completely on guitar, or Christina Aguilera's murdering of the song at last year's Super Bowl? It's unclear if unintentionally screwing it up would be a fine-able offense.

If the bill passes, Indiana wouldn't be the only state with strict anthem guidelines. In fact, Michigan law states that "The Star Spangled Banner" can't be performed in a public setting except in its entirety and "without embellishment".  And, in Massachusetts, you can be fined up to $100 for playing the song as "dance music, as an exit march or as part of a medley".

While I definitely take issue with people adding too much to the anthem, I feel like there has to be some creative license allowed. What do you think?

Check out Christina's epic anthem fail below.