Jonah Hill was in the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning studios today to talk about his upcoming film 'Moneyball'.  In addition to talking about the film, Jonah goes into depth about his start in the movie industry, his ideas for upcoming films, and he has a few hilarious stories to share.  After the break you can find the full interview, the trailer for 'Moneyball' and some photos.

Jonah starts the interview by talking about his father and how his profession influenced him and his brother.  His father had a very interesting line of work.

Have you heard of the "earthquake trick?"  Probably not, listen in as Jonah explains why not to do the "earthquake trick" while you are drunk.

And finally Jonah goes into an idea he has for an upcoming film.

Below is the full interview...

Below are some photos from 'Moneyball'.  You can download all of the pictures as backgrounds on Moneyball's official website.