Intern Bethany has been participating in a prank war with several co-workers in our building and she has been winning.  Until today, that is.  Bethany has successfully hidden under people's desks and grabbed their ankles, all while avoiding to be kicked in the head.  She has hidden cell phones, rearranged desks, and hidden around corners so she can jump out and scare people.  All of those pranks were met with failed retaliation because Bethany has caught everyone attempting to prank her back.  Until this morning.

When Steve walked in this morning, he saw the intern computer all wrapped up and thought maybe it had something to do with our office's Secret Santa.  Nope, it was a prank which included this nice little note from "Taylor Swift" asking to please video tape Intern Bethany's reaction.

The prank was actually quite clever because under the wrapping paper were even more surprises!  For example, under that wrapped up mouse, there was another piece of paper blocking the laser.

And just incase Bethany forgot how to sit in the chair, that handy sign instructs her that he butt does indeed go on the seat.  There was also a signed picture of one of our co-workers under the "Butt goes here" sign.

Are Christmas pranks a thing?  Or are we just weirdos here at the station?