Cassandra Burgess is one of the artists for this year's Artprize.  Her art piece, "PTS," (Post Traumatic Stress) depicts her personal experience with her father having the disorder after coming back from war, located on the first floor of the BOB.  Some people do not realize how much others are affected with PTS after war and how it is a permanent disorder.

The top part of the painting has bullets coming out of his helmet, signifying everything her father has seen in battle and everything that has affected him.  He can never change what he has seen.  This was my favorite piece of art because my brother is affected with PTS as well and I can relate.

Burgess says, "Creating the piece “PTS” throughout this last year was a form of therapy for me. My father, also known as Chief Master Sergeant Robert Burgess, served in the war and came back changed. I expected him to come back changed, but not permanently."

Photo by Bethany

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