This is the first installment of 'Internet Gold!'  Do you find yourself browsing the internet at work with no real destination in mind?  Do you Facebook stalk and end up on a friend of a friend's, cousin's, dog's page?  Looking at pictures of a half chewed stuffed bear?  Well... NO MORE I SAY!  You have found 'Internet Gold!'

Each week I will be highlighting a single piece of the internet that is a must see/do.  This week I have came across a few time wasters that you can do from the privacy of your office cubical!

Falling Sand Game

You are never to old to play in the sandbox, and this game is no exception!  Despite it's name, the 'Falling Sand Game' isn't much of a game, it's more like an action packed version of 'Microsoft Paint'!  Falling Sand is easy to pick up if you are familiar with how to use paint.  It works the same way as the basic paint application, your curser is a paint brush and you choose your colors, brush size, etc.  You have several different brushes to choose from; 'Wall', 'Plant', 'Fire', 'Oil', 'Water', and a few others.  The cool thing about this is that the different brushes react to one another if they come in contact.  Fire will burn the plant, effectivly erasing it from your screen.  Water will grow your plant brush and expand its size.  Oil will fuel the fire, and the wall prevents these interactions.  I found myself wasting over an hour of my downtime at work the first day I found it (shhhhhhh, maybe my boss won't read this...)  This game comes highly recommended!

If creating your own design isn't your idea of fun, let someone else do the work for you... and then display it for your entire office! is a wonderful resource for high resolution wallpapers for your desktop. says this about Zeus box:

Whether you have a regular or a widescreen display, you'll absolutely love the visuals at Zeus Box.  Movies, artwork, cute animals, steamy women, expensive sports cars, nature scenes... you're bound to find something you like at this site.

You can spend more time than you think browsing around for a new desktop.  Trust me, I know have a library of over 20 background images I collected this morning alone.

Google Startskins

If you want to further your office desktop customization head over to and find yourself a slick background for the Google search engine.  The website will allow you to either upload your own photo and customize your background or to choose from a series of preloaded images.  Here is a clip of the current background I am using on my computer:

This is another site where you can easily find yourself lingering for over an hour.

Well that is the first edition of 'INTERNET GOLD!'  I hope you enjoyed your time and found some great ways to make your boss wonder what you have been doing all day.