This week's internet gold has a little bit of everything... some really cool/funny viral videos, a few hilarious websites and a website that claims to make you cooler!  So let's get this started!  Welcome to Internet Gold: Volume 10! is a website designed by our very own Kidd Kraddick!  The website is pretty straight forward and is pretty recognizable if you listen to the morning show.  Makes You Cooler features today's hottest music trends and some pretty cool Apple app reviews.  As you navigate around you can find samples of songs from hit artists as well as full length music videos of their latest jams.  You can also find brand new apps that, in fact, MAKE YOU COOLER!  So check it out today and make your morning show host proud!

This website is absolutely great!  Need a quick laugh at someone else's expense?  Get your fix right here.  Or want to submit pictures of your non computer savvy relatives?  This is your site.  Scroll through hundreds of hilarious photos of awkward family moments.  It definitely makes you feel better about your kin.  And who knows... maybe their is already a picture of you up here somewhere.  Let me know if their is...

9 Months Of Gestation in 20 Seconds

I found this video while surfing around YouTube, I think it is very interesting.

Then searching further into YouTube, I found a video of the little girl who was the product of the 9 Months of Gestation in 20 Seconds... check it out.

Well that's it for this weeks Internet Gold!  Stick around for more to come!