"Awwwwwww look at the cute kittens!!!", is what I said when I found one of the website's in this week's Internet Gold.  If you are new to this weekly article, lemme give you a breakdown... Each week I (Steve, your Kidd Kraddick in the Morning weather/traffic dude) scour the internet for cool content to make you ROFLOL!  This week's Internet Gold features: A website with a ton of cool pictures (kitten pic included), an online dictionary of internet acronyms, and a cool game to pass your free time at work.

35 Ultimate Photos That Are Beautiful, Touching & Expressing

The first website I came across this week is a blog out of India (don't worry it's in English) that featured some great photos of, well, everything.  From super cute kittens, to funny still frames of athletes, to amazingly lucky snapshots like the one to the left.  This website is probably the source of one of those emails that gets passed around the office (those ones that are all the rage at the water cooler... "oh my Bob, have you gotten that email from Jennifer, some of those pictures are amazing!")  So don't you want to be Jennifer?  Copy the link to the page and pass it around for all to enjoy :)

Internet Acronyms Dictionary

Ever wonder what the heck people are talking about in text messages when you get comments like "OJ"?  Well it doesn't mean orange juice, that's for sure.  This next website I found for your consumption, is the Internet Acronyms Dictionary.  And it... well um, is a dictionary of internet acronyms.

You can use it as a source for looking up what your techie friend is trying to tell you.  Or you can use it to confuse your parents, co-workers, and friends.  And if you want to seem cool in front of your IT guy at work, include a few in your next email to him!


Lastly, is that cool game I mentioned earlier.  The game is called Entanglement and is like no other game I have played before.  It may look a little confusing from the screenshot, but it is very easy to pick up.  The point of the game is to lay the tiles down and keep the path going (the red line).  The number in the middle is the your score and that is tallied by the amount of tiles you can get the red line through.  You continue to lay tiles until the path reaches one of the outer red tiles or back to the center tile.

The learning curve on the game isn't that steep, but the people that have the top online scores must be genius', because I can't even get close to their high scores.  All in all it is a great little 5 min waste of time at the office, check it out!

Well that's all friends!  Stay tuned next week for another addition of 'Internet Gold'!