Hello again, seekers of 'Internet Gold'!  Since the holidays are right around the corner I thought that I would highlight some internet shopping.  I chose one website that would tailor to him and one that will tailor to her. 

The Accidental Wine Company

Guys, here is a great gift for your wife or girlfriend.  The Accidental Wine Company is a great way to get excellent wines at up to 75% the price!  Their is no catch, this company simply purchases wines at a reduced rate because the wine has damaged labels or misprints.  The wine itself is fine, it is just the label that is damaged.  And because the label is damaged, you get to SAVE!  Don't believe it?  Here is how The Accidental Wine Company says it works:

Accidents happen. In fact, we count on it. Welcome to the world of The Accidental Wine Co. We find bottles of wine that have some special experience. A bottle breaks and stains others in the case. A winery overproduces or shuts down its doors. A dirty, retired or discontinued label is not as in demand at your local wine merchant or favorite neighborhood bistro.

We have wines from around the globe. The Americas (North and South), the big Islands of the Southern Hemisphere (New Zealand and Australia) and the European vintners are among our resources. And of course, there are a wide range of varietals and prices to meet everyone's taste and budget.

This is the important part. You never know what you will get in your delivery. Of course you can specify red, white, a mixture, but the inventory is generated randomly, accidentally. When we go shopping we know there are lots of choices, we just don't know what they will be. We will choose from a variety of wines with blemished labels that restaurants, wine stores, supermarkets and hotels don't want to sell for that very reason. Because they are so persnickety we can buy these wines for less and so can you.

Check out The Accidental Wine Company for some great gifts for the holidays.

Time to do some holiday shopping for him!

Best Buy... ummm no, too expensive
ABC Warehouse... nope, why wait in line this holiday season?

If you have already taken your holiday shopping from the streets to the web, kudos to you!  Think about it, if you purchase a product from a store, you have to figure in the cost of the rent into the price.  But take it one step further now, when you purchase from the same big name company online you are adding the cost of the branding into the price.  Eliminate the middle man all together and buy directly from the company that actually builds the product!  I know weird idea right?

Price Watch gives you the power to hook up with these companies to give you greatly reduced prices!  And fear not, if you just feel more comfortable ordering from a Best Buy, they feature major name brands deals as well.

So, when looking for gifts for him this holiday season, look no further than PriceWatch.com!  They offer the latest gadgets at extremely low prices.  They feature electronics but they also offer many other goods as well.