It's time for another round of 'Internet Gold'!  This week I will feature a very cool picture gallery, a nice complimentary website for facebook, and a heart warming viral video (which in turn lead me to a pretty great folk song)

Ever wonder how people find some of those obscure things to 'like' on facebook?  Well look no further.  The website is called and it is a collection of likes from facebook.  You can browse around and see what you like, or even make your own like page (this website totally streamlines that process, and promotes your page for you).  Find such likable gems as:

"when I sit down in a field, I automatically start pulling out grass"


"1970: I'll talk to you when I see you
1990: I'll call you
2000: I'll email you
2005: Can I text you?
2010: Alright, facebook or text?
2100: I'll send you a telepathic message"

So when you are looking to be the trend setter amongst your group of friends on facebook, stop by and like something that will have your friends saying "Man is she hip!"  Ha, well maybe they won't say that.

My Food Looks Funny

My food looks funny... does yours?  If not, you can laugh it up at some pictures of great grub!  'My food looks funny' is pretty self explanatory, simply browse around and check out pictures of out of the ordinary food.  Or if you have a pic of something you find funny, upload it!  Take a look below to get a few examples of what types of pictures end up on the website.

Funny Food Photos - Hamburger Cupcake
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funny food photos - There's Always Room For J-E-L-L-O Shots!
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Home - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros Acoustic Cover (Jorge & Alexa Narvaez)

A friend posted this video on facebook and I instantly became a fan.  The story behind the guy (Jorge) and his daughter (Alexa) is a very heart warming one.  He is a single father working his way through school.  He created a YouTube page with his daughter and it features some great covers of songs.  The original song is 'Home' by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros.  If you like the cover, check out a live version by the original band.

Well that's it for this week, if you liked what you saw/read here check out some of my older 'Internet Gold' posts.