How many times have you gotten stuck in traffic by Fifth Third Park because there was a Whitecaps game about to begin?  Is it even possible to go out in Grand Rapids without seeing someone wearing a Griffins jersey?

Despite the fact that Grand Rapids loves the Whitecaps and Griffins, Sports Business Journal has ranked Grand Rapids as one of the worst minor league sports cities in the country.

Sports Business Journal says Grand Rapids is no good for minor league sports.  Grand Rapids was ranked 178 out of the 241 areas on their list.  They say we're a bad sports town.  Try telling that to Whitecaps President Scott Lane.

Lane tells

Give me a break.  Take the other night. Was it last Thursday? We had close to 10,000 fans at our game. They had a concert downtown with Rock The Rapids. There was a sold out show at Meijer Garden. This is a lively area. I’m not sure what they are basing this on, but this is a darn good market.

These guys are just trying to sell magazines. The Griffins have set attendance records. We can bring in 10,000 people on a night. They haven’t done their homework.

Well said, Mr. Lane.

I understand that the Hoops/Mackers aren't around anymore and we lost the Rampage last year.  Part of their formula took into account teams that have left the city.  Still, shouldn't the amazing success of the Griffins and Whitecaps count for something?  If we started a minor league bocce team and it failed would they hold that against us too?

Hmm...minor league bocce, let's go!