Just as we all assumed could happen, Justin Bieber has turned into quite the "diva".

Now that he has had a film out  a starlet girlfriend stomp around and forget all of  that professionalism that people have been applauding him for.

Don’t believe me?

Let's look at Bieber’s recent behavior.

He went on a date with Selina Gomez and when his fans showed up he decided that he would be incredibly rude to them.

On his birthday, he gave the finger to a bunch of paparazzi who he was more than happy to court previously.

Earlier this month, he thought it would be okay to kick one of his back up dancers -  in the throat.


Then, he capped all this off by performing a show with his fly unzipped and stealing his guitarist’s – Dan Kanter – phone and tweeted that he would be leaving the band, causing an outpouring of grief from his fans and presumably putting the fear of God into Kanter who thought he was getting the coldest pink slip in the history of entertainment.

What can we expect next? Justin wrestling grandmothers to the ground like Andy Kaufman before performing a full nelson that squeezes all of the air out of her?

We’re watching you Bieber.