Hiding a puppy from your parents, or sneaking the class pet into your house for the weekend is nothing compared to the following stories. After the break, enjoy 9 of the craziest animal abduction stories! Everything from lions to tigers to bears... oh my!

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    Man Caught With A Bag Of Squirrels And Snakes

    A man traveling from Thailand was arrested in an airport in Hong Kong with a bag containing 46 turtles, a crocodile, 6 snakes, and 11 flying squirrels. The man was fined 16,000 Hong Kong dollars, which is about $1,500 US. Most of the animals that were being smuggled were endangered species. The man was attempting to bring the animals into China where they would be used for food and traditional medicine practices.

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    Guy Hides Monkey In His Hat

    Rabbit in the hat trick...? That's just for kids! Try the monkey in the hat trick. A man was questioned by police after a monkey climbed out from under his hat, on to his pony tail. The man landed in New York City's LaGuardia airport on a connecting flight from Lima, Peru. The monkey was confiscated by the Center for Disease and Control, then later given to a zoo.

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    Man Has Pants Full Of Snakes And Turtles

    A TSA agent stopped a man in the Miami International Airport after some odd items showed up in a body scan. Upon inspection, the man was wearing women pantyhose with several snakes and turtles hidden in them. The perpetrator was on his way to Brazil, probably to sell the animals on the black market. After being discovered, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service took the animals and the man into custody. The man was charged with violating the Lacey act.

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    Man Smuggles Birds In Socks

    In 2009 a man was charged with smuggling songbirds from Vietnam into the United States. 46-year-old Sony Dong was arrested in Los Angeles with several birds tied to specially made leggings. Dong was caught when an inspector spotted feathers falling from Dong's pants. Dong was arrested and faced eight counts of federal indictment. 5 of the 18 birds died in transit.

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    Woman Smuggles Baby Tiger In Luggage

    A 31-year-old Thai woman was discovered attempting to traffic a baby tiger from Thailand to Iran via Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport. The ace in the hole for the smuggler was her stuffed animal versions of the tiger accompanying the baby cub in her luggage. Because honestly... who can't tell the difference between a stuffed toy tiger and a living breathing tiger. Not I! The woman was arrested and the cub was sent to a wildlife conservation center in Bangkok. She faces up to 4 years in prison and a large cash fine.

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    Man Uses Fake Leg To Smuggle Iguanas

    Not only did Mr. James (the perpetrator in this story) successfully smuggle in 3 banded iguanas to the United States. And not only did he successfully sell said iguanas for $32,000. But he also mistakenly confessed the whole plot to an undercover agent. Mr. James now faces up to five years in prison if convicted. He reportedly told an agent that he had a special custom compartment created in his prosthetic leg to conceal and smuggle animals into the country. A later investigation into Mr. James led to the discovery of 4 more banded iguanas in his apartment.

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    Endangered Animals Smuggled Into Dubai

    Leopards, Panthers, and Bears! OH MY! A man was discovered attempting to smuggle the previously mentioned animals and two monkeys into Dubai. He had the animals hidden in cages in his luggage. Seeing as the final destination was Dubai, the animals were probably to be sold in the black market to very wealthy individuals.

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    Man Caught Smuggling 24 Reptiles To Denmark

    In 2009, a 22-year-old Norwegian man was caught in Kristiansand, Norway with 14 baby pythons and 10 albino gecko lizards after leaving a ferry from Denmark. He was taken aside for inspection after officers discovered a tarantula spider in his baggage. The officers were shocked to find 14 snakes hidden in socks that were duct taped around his waist. In addition to the snakes, their were also 10 geckos in plastic containers taped to his calves. The man was charged about $3,500 and the reptiles were handed over to a Norwegian security firm.

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    Man Arrested In Mexico With 18 Monkeys

    In July of 2010 a Mexican citizen was stopped by Mexico City police after arriving from Lima. The police discovered 18 titi monkeys in a girdle around his waist. Much like a few other smugglers on the list, the man had sedated the monkeys and secured them in socks. The man was acting nervously, which is why he was singled out and searched. Two of the titi monkeys passed away during the smuggling.

    flickr / Kyle May