She is known for having one of the best voices in the biz.

She is known for one of the best National Anthems of all-time.

She had one of the best selling soundtracks ever in the "Bodyguard".

...and she is broke!

Even though Whitney Houston is about to make her big screen comeback in the remake of Sparkle with pop star Jordin Sparks, she is reportedly 'broke'. The 48-year-old iconic singer, who has overcome crack cocaine addiction, has allegedly spent all of her fortune... including a reported $100 million record deal.

Whitney is being financially supported by her record label Arista, which has given her an advance payment on her next album, according to reports. There is no set date for when the record will be released. Whitney, whose ex-husband is Bobby Brown, is believed to be in such a dire financial position she has even had to resort to
contacting friends for small loans.

A spokesman for Whitney has denied these claims, but rumors are swirling all over the net. Back in 2001... Whitney signed the biggest record deal in music history, at the time, renewing her contract with Arista/BMG for $100 million. She released her last LP "I Look to You" in 2009 and coming in August of this year, Houston will play the mother of Sparks’ character in the feature film "Sparkle".

Hey, she said it... "Crack is whack"