If you ever want to duplicate the movie "UP!" and send something in the air with balloons, please do not use turtles. Someone duct-taped a turtle to a bunch of helium balloons and sent it soaring in the air, and Humane Society in Oceanside, California would like to have a word with whoever did it!

MSNBC.com reports a woman name Chanelle Wright, along with her friends, found the turtle taped to some green and blue balloons that were found in a near by tree. Wright said she immediately called the Humane Society and Fire Department. Firefighters were actually about to get in the tree to rescue the turtle with a ladder truck when a gust of wind came and blew it out of the tree.

Humane Society officials say they are keeping the turtle, which wasn't hurt at all by the incident, while they investigate the situation. I hope they are able to lift some sort of fingerprints off that turtle if they ever hope to find who did this.