I was born and raised in Detroit so I defend the city and its mistakes more than most just because of the love I have for the town. But this time, they went too far! John Chevilott, a former public-works employee in Wayne County was mowing the grass in Detroit neighborhood when he found a loaded, snub-nosed revolver. What the #$%?

So he did what any honest man would do, and turned the weapon in to authorities... and was promptly FIRED for having a gun at work! Police told Chevilott he did the right thing by getting the gun off the streets and a check revealed that it had been stolen from a nearby suburb in 2005. But Mr. Chevilott's superiors didn't see it that way. So after 23 years on the job, just two years shy of retirement, they fired him. His foreman, who knew about the incident, was also suspended for 30 days. The union representing Chevilott, Local 101, has filed a grievance and intends to fight all three accusations. Where has common sense gone?