Reading through stuff on the internet, I noticed a story about divorce rates spiking right after the holidays. It both surprised and intrigued me. Here's the scoop:

The first month of every new year is apparently nicknamed "Divorce Month" in legal circles. The theory is that most couples who are on shaky ground already, spend a lot of time together during the holidays and that pushes them over the edge, so to speak. Then, web searches for divorce go up right after Christmas and divorce filings come shortly after. .

A website called "" had an article showing January has the most legal breakups. Apparently some attorneys even take the last two weeks of the year off to prepare for the rush of divorce cases and applications that come in January.

I read that divorce filings hit their peak from January 12-16.

Either way, interesting. And sad.

I'm glad I'm married to a fantastic woman whom I adore and admire; I can't imagine going through my life without her.