Who is the man behind the voice we love hearing sing 'Don't You Wanna Stay' with American Idol Kelly Clarkson?  Meet country music rocker, Jason Aldean!

He's a cutie and only 34-years old, however, getting noticed took his entire lifetime!  Jason's story kind of mirrors country fellowette Taylor Swift's climb to music fame.  Both artists moved to Tenessee at a young age -- 10 for Taylor and 21 for Jason.  They also both landed on a label that never put out any of their music -- RCA for Taylor and Capitol for Jason -- before they both moved on to a different label that was willing to fully showcase their talents.

I think you're really going to like this guy and admit that I was curious to know more about the character of the person who compliments the smooth sound of Kelly Clarkson's voice!

Click here for Jason's take on his sometimes lonely walk to fame.