I've always liked Jay-Z. While his music, in general, doesn't fall into the category of "stuff I'd usually listen to", there have been a handful of songs of his that I've really liked. His collaboration with Alicia Keyes, "Empire State Of Mind" was amazing!

But now, now I like Jay-Z even more. We all have heard the stories of what happened in Chris Brown and Rihanna's tumultuous relationship. At one point, Rihanna ended up in the hospital, and there were restraining orders involved.

So, I'd like to take this opportunity to give big props to Jay-Z for making what seems like a silent protest to Chris Brown at the VMA's the other night.

Chris Brown took the stage singing his hit "Yeah 3X/Protect Ya Neck", complete with dancers and choreographed fight scenes. While most of the crowd stood, cheered, and clapped, Jay-Z, he just sat there. Sipping his drink. Observing. Seemingly without a clap, a hoot or a holler.

Now, I don't know if may Jay-Z was tired. Maybe he's just not into the song. Or maybe, just maybe he was silently protesting the fact that Chris Brown was there in the first place. Silently saying that he wasn't ok with the things that Chris Brown has been proved to have done.

Or, you know, maybe he was just more excited about announcing the news of he and Beyonce's upcoming bundle of joy.

Which is it? The world may never know. Check out the video of Chris' performance and Jay-Z's reaction below.


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