There's a company out there that has taken pants to the next unnecessary level by combining the style of jeans with the comfort of yoga pants.

On the scale of the most terrible thing in the world, this ranks pretty much on par with leggings worn as pants and dress pant sweatpants.

I actually made this face when I started reading about them.

Silver Jeans Co. is making is trying to make these things sound appealing though. Aside from being super comfortable (according to them), they also claim that they'll look just like regular jeans. That means that you can wear them to yoga class and then put on your shoes and go to Meijer or wherever else you go if you are the kind of person who believes that they need multi-purpose pants.

And this is how these magical, life-altering pants are made:

The top is woven like traditional denim and underneath is a plush knit. This revolutionary fabric technology has unparalleled recovery allowing the jean to move with your body without bagging out.

I am able to achieve this same phenomenon by wearing leggings under my pants. You know when I do that? When it's cold outside. Not because I feel like I might need to exercise and then head to a function while wearing the same stupid pants.

The pants are technically unisex, but Silver Jeans Co. is launching both a male and female line. The pants will retail for $78-$88 and are available for pre-order now.