Everyday, Channel 957 sends a shout out to you about nominating a child for our annual Community Kids Award that is made possible by the Michigan Dental Association.

Today, a Jenison Boy Scout is highlighted as the perfect example of what this award is all about ... doing something for someone other that yourself, a selfless act.

Meet 12-year old Jordyn Tyler who used common sense to knock down a door, after he sensed his father was in danger, and pulled him to safety.
What set off Jordyn's inner alarm?  Over the weekend, he was on-the-job with his dad who was painting a friend's house when he heard something unusual.   Jordyn overheard his dad laughing and then complete silence.  Apparently, the paint fumes overcame his dad who then passed out.
Father and son are safe and sound...thanks to a quick thinking boy who attributes his actions to common sense.   Click here for the full story.
Jordyn, you are a true common sense, heroic Community Kid and Channel 957 is proud to share your story!
Do you know of a child who deserves to be nominated? Please, click here to fill out the form for consideration.