MTV made it official that a very pregnant Snooki, and the rest of the aging over hyped gang, are returning this summer to film an interesting sixth season of Jersey Shore. The strange complication will be Snooki's family way, and if that will dent her alcohol-fueled partying obsession and how the house will deal if it does.

"It sure changes the dynamic," Syracuse University professor and pop-culture expert Robert Thompson tells the New York Daily News. "There are behaviors I suppose she’s not going to engage in, and if she does, it's going to seem reprehensible. He continues and says that "Obviously she can’t play the same role, or that will be controversial or creepy." Ummm, you think?

First of all as a soon to be father, I'm disgusted a pregnant woman would allow her unborn baby to be a part of this train wreck of a show. The exact same crew will be back, and no doubt Snooki's baby-daddy, Jionni LaValle, will be hanging around too. Snooki is due to give birth sometime next fall.