We've all had that car. Maybe the one that you got when you turned 16, maybe the beater that you drove in college because you couldn't afford anything better... whatever it may be, we all had a car that we would refer to as our "worst car".

Jimmy Fallon knows this, too, and on Thursday, he encouraged viewers to tweet about their terrible cars using the hashtag #MyWorstCar. The responses were pretty hysterical.

I'm pretty sure that my worst car is a toss-up between the one that I got when I turned 16 that was a stick shift, but wouldn't idle when the car was in neutral. That's right - my car always had to be in gear. I also had a pretty terrible Eagle Vision that constantly needed work done to it until finally something weird happened where it wouldn't run unless your foot was pressing the gas happened and I just got rid of it.

What was YOUR worst car?