It's time for another episode of #secrets, and we got a very special guest to read you some of the naughtier ones.  We decided to let a local business woman, Joan (of Little Caesars and Dickey's Barbecue Pit) give you the juicy #secrets.  Today's theme was "What Secret have you been told in the last week?"  We got so many #secrets about cheating that we had to do our Text Question of the Day about cheating on Thursday!  Enjoy!

What Secret have you been told in the last week?

  • The secret I found out that my soon to be boyfriend hooked up with a guy. No kissing or anything. Just hooked up!
  • Secrets. neighbor's daughter w/3 little kids is doing meth again
  • I'm in college and I found out that one of my classmates is 20 weeks pregnant and her parents don't know about it.
  • Found out my husband's ex-wife is having an affair with a married man!
  • My secret: I'm pregnant! only my husband and best friend know.
  • Pulling over to text this for Secrets: Connie & Fish edition: Recently, around 4 days ago, one of the biggest, meanest, toughest friends I know revealed himself to me as a hermaphrodite
  • Found out that my bf only went for custody of his daughter cause cps told him too. I had to wait for him to move in with me for a year for this to go on. He lost. Now after a year of us living together, his ex-wife decided she doesn't want their son so now he says he has to take them which is tearing our whole new family apart.
  • We live in a 2 bedroom place and I have kids that stay in that room. He can't afford to pay me more than 50 a week towards bills but want s me to look for a bigger house. Hell no. So he's moving out
  • My neighbor is a swinger, I know this because they asked me to join them. I politely declined ‍♀️‍♀️
  • There's a guy lives down the hall from me who pretends to be so religious but is constantly in trouble for sexually harassing the women here. He's a real mess.
  • A secret I found out this week: my girlfriend has been cheating on me
    I sleeping with my married childhood basketball coach. 22 years older than me with 3 kids
  • My secret: I''m a math teacher who can't handle money, I''m always broke.
    After being married for a year and a half I have finally Steved my wife sorry fish
  • One secret I've found out in the last week is that a coworker is do ing shady stuff in our biller system to get more commission percentages. dishonesty is not flattering.
  • #secrets a secret that I found out this week was that a co-worker of mine is trying to backstab me and sabotage my career. But I won't let that happen! #nottodaysatan #hamburger
  • Apparently, my daughter has been skipping school a lot recently. She's 18 but wasn't allowed you sign herself out of school unless she gets my signature on a form. She didn't.
  • Secrets I found out that my boyfriend is cheating on me and he doesn't know that I know
  • My mother-in-law was drunk and I was cooking chicken parmesan with my sister-in-law and she turns to my sister-in-law and says "you really know how to pound the meat... And I'm not talking about meat!" And she doesn't remember this
    #secrets just found out the plant manager and other upper management people have been embezzling money from the company
  • Secret: my neighbor has admitted being in prison, yes prison. And they open up to me about things in their life. I only met this person a few weeks ago.
  • I found out my ex-cheated on me several times and he still tries to harass my family and I despite having a ppo on him
  • That my parents were swingers in the 60s
  • Found out a girl I used to work with, had balloon animals with a lot of the patrons from the bar we worked at, while she was employed there...did I mention she was also married at the time
  • My husband was arrested back in January for domestic assault and he's supposed to be working on his control/abuse issues but I found out last weekend that he's been lying about the entire situation and trying to make me look like the bad guy to save his own reputation and try to hold onto control. Well, my secret is that I'm meeting with a lawyer on Monday. DONE
  • The man I'm in love with--who is not my husband--is moving to another country w his family for the summer to do mission work. He did not tell me. Another friend (who doesn't know the real situation) told me about it as he is holding a fundraiser. I am heartbroken.
  • I haven't shaved my armpits all winter! I can't wear my spring dress now!
  • My ex-husband told my 20-year old that he only married me because of him and you only had his brother because he needed a sibling we were married for 9 years
    My wife is 24 weeks prego my side piece is 20 yrs old and 5 weeks prego...and just found out I have a 16 yr old daughter in Alaska from a wild fishing trip years ago
  • After my divorce I was devastated for my kids to go away every other weekend. Now I fucking thrive for that weekend off!
  • I just found out my best friend uses hanging out with me as an excuse when she goes out cheating on her fiance.
  • The woman that my ex-husband left me for is cheating on him...
  • I was talking to someone on POF, while making plans for us to meet, they said there was something they needed to tell me (never a good thing to hear). H e proceeded to tell me he had body dysmorphia and still feels he's in the wrong body and 6 years ago looked into going through the change. I'm not attrac ted to women so clearly, not the right match for me.
  • I am living in a marriage with no love, sex or intimacy. Getting tired of putting on show for the kids. Not sure I can make it another six years.
  • I''ve been in a long distance relationship with a guy and he has imaginary children
  • I''m a practicing Catholic but don''t remember the last time I really went to confession!
  • I am leaving my fiance after being together for 3 years and he has no clue about what is going down in a few weeks
  • My secret and having an affair with someone and I have loved for over 20 years
  • I am dating someone 20 years older then me... He is my friends uncle
  • Secret: I recently found out my bf was cheating on me. His entire family knew about it and a few days ago his mom "accidentally" said something at dinner about ms.side chick.
  • I'm not calling in lol. But after his mom let that slip, he kicked me and our 16 month old son out. Even contacted MY grandma to see if she would take us !! Ummm last time I checked he was the cheater not me. Oh well.
  • Secrets- I just learned my Mom likes to eat cat food! She told me t he X's in meow mix are delicious
  • My friend wanted to cheat on his girlfriend with me
  • I just found out my mom ...did things... With my daughter's female babysitter... By finding pictures on my step dad's phone. Fml.