Sad news coming from the John Ball Park Zoo today, their staff reports that the baby snow leopard that was born at the zoo in June has died.

In a statement to the press, zoo officials said that zookeepers had been monitoring the health of the snow leopard cub since its birth and noticed two weeks ago that its eyes didn't seem normal. A veterinary ophthalmologist determined on Monday that the cub had a congenital abnormality.  The cub died later on Monday.

"This is a huge disappointment to all of us at the Zoo, the entire Zoo community, and the residents in West Michigan."  Barb Synder, Animal Curator, told WZZM 13. "Animal births are happy occurrences and it's hard not to immediately celebrate the great news - but zoo professionals know that they should always remain cautiously optimistic in the first days and weeks after birth."

The zoo has had successful births of snow leopards in the past. The last successful birth was actually from the same mother as the new cub.