If you see a bunch of people on the side of the road between Kalamazoo and New Buffalo in the next few days, it's probably because of actor John Cusack.

On Monday, he Tweeted:  "Lost wallet Between kalamazzo and new buffalo Michigan - highway 60 and rout 12 Any help?"

Obviously, no one is really sure what he was doing in Michigan, or why his wallet wasn't in his pocket, so the fine folks at the Kalamazoo Gazette decided to speculate:

Perhaps Cusack, a native of Evanston, Ill. who turns 45 today, was out celebrating at Michigan casinos — Four Winds Casino Resort is in New Buffalo and FireKeepers Casino is in Battle Creek — and was making light of his lighter wallet?

Other possible wallet whereabouts

1. Lost somewhere between the extra "z" and the missing "o" in his spelling of Kalamazoo.

2. Considering the names of some of his films — "Money for Nothing" or "Roadside Prophets" or "One Crazy Summer" — it seemed destined to happen.

3. Two words: Couch. Gremlins.

4. Maybe Cusack was checking out the Battle Creek Sanitarium, which was the topic of the 1994 film, "The Road To Wellville," starring Anthony Hopkins, Matthew Broderick, Bridget Fonda and Cusack.

5. He deliberately left it there in hopes people who saw "2012" could at least get some of their money back.

I like to blame the couch gremlins, myself. Hopefully, someone will find it and return it. But, someone could also find it and sell all of the contents on eBay. Anyway, if you want to help the guy out, just scour the roadside!