Katy Perry revealed a WHOLE lot of information about the divorce between her and Russell Brand in an interview.

Katy says that Russell informed her about his decision to divorce via a text message. She said that he sent her the message on New Year's eve of 2011 and that she hasn't spoken to him since then. The lawyers handled the split between the two and they haven't had to have contact. She added that she thinks Russell is a very smart man and that she was in love with him for the entirety of their marriage.

Perry concluded that she found out the REAL reason for the split not that long ago. She said that she believed her crazy schedule hurt her marriage because the two of them hardly had any time to spend together. She also said that Russell didn't like that she was very boss-ladylike while touring which he would cut her down relentlessly for.

She even said that her movie "Part of Me" didn't edit Russell out. He never came to see her on tour so there was no footage of him for the filmmakers to use.

However, Perry revealed that she found out the actual reason for the split. Though, she is of course leaving us in the dark because she said she's saving the revealing for a rainy day.

We can only guess what Mr. Brand was up to wifeless on New Year's Eve of 2011.