Kelly Clarkson seems to be taking a cue from Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" tour. The former American Idol has taken to performing songs from local artists in all of the cities that she's visiting around the country. Last year, when Taylor played at Van Andel Arena, she surprised the crowd by performing Eminem's "Lose Yourself" on stage, just her and an acoustic guitar. Well, apparently country/pop stars are all fans of Em, because Kelly Clarkson did the same thing last week in Detroit. Check out her version after the jump!

Kelly explained that she grew up listening to Eminem, and that,

the difference is when you listen to him on the radio and sing along to him in your car, you're a lot more badass than you actually are. Because when you get alone without Eminem doing it with you, it's not as good.

She also told the crowd that they had to keep coming to her shows, even if her cover of  "Lose Yourself" sucked. I'd have to say she did a pretty good job.