The weekend is almost here, so lets help you get through the last night before the weekend hits with Knightlines, celebrity gossip and things you need to know... 

  • Brandy Walked Out After Trying to Perform in Front of a Nearly-Empty Stadium
  • Luke Bryan's Album Sold More Than Half a Million Copies to Hit #1
  • Vince Neil Says Motley Crue Will End Sometime in the Next Two Years
  • Kelly Clarkson Is Scrapping Her Big Wedding and Eloping Instead
  • Men Are More Likely to Look at a Woman's Eyes Before Her chest, oh and Women Are Happiest With How They Look Naked at Age 34
  • One in Seven People Are With Someone Who's Not the Love of Their Life
  • There Are More Subway Restaurants in the U.S. Than McDonald's and Starbucks Combined
  • Atlanta Is the Funniest City in the U.S.? Plus the Rest of the Top 10
  • A Guy Shoplifts from K-Mart, But Can't Make a Quick Getaway Because He Locked His Keys in His Car