Saturday, November 5th, Kidabaloo returned to DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, and lots of families came out to enjoy a fun day! There was face-painting, a climbing wall, bouncy house, golf, karate, gymnastics, and of course, Jeff Musial the Animal Guy brought some amazing animals!

Jeff's show is a lot of fun, and education, as he brings out the amazing critters, and tells you interesting facts about them.

Did you know an alligator can bite down with 3,500 pounds of pressure per square inch?

Did you know that monkeys believe that everything they see belongs to them?

Why is a vulture's head bald?

How high can kangaroo jump?

All this and more was learning in a fun way with Jeff Musial!

If you missed it, make sure to plan to come out next year for Kidabaloo! And check out the photo gallery of the fun things you missed.