Sacha Baron Cohen joined Kidd and the gang as Sacha Baron Cohen, not as 'The Dictator'.  The fact that Cohen didn't show up as his alter ego was quite surprising to the Kraddick cast.  He has only interviewed as himself a handful times in his latest media blitz to promote 'The Dictator'.  In addition to talking about his new movie, Cohen also talks about a run in he had with an actual dictator during the filming of 'Borat'.

'The Dictator' is in theaters now!

Interview with Sasha Baron Cohen

"Baron Cohen is always best when he jumps the fences of comedy.  That's why 'The Dictator' leaves you laughing helplessly.  It starts at outrageous and rockets on from there!  The fearless satirist in Baron Cohen is alive and well." - Rolling Stone

"'The Dictator' rules!  Merciless political satire.  Sacha Baron Cohen establishes a claim to be the best comic filmmaker now working." - Chicago Sun-Times