Kids have a way of looking at things that are way more interesting than the way we adults look at them. This is pointed out pretty well in a video I stumbled across today in which kids explain their dreams.

"In the night, you can't really do anything and a dream is a good way to fill up a big chunk of time," explains Jack, a little boy who was asked to describe his dreams (and dreams in general) for WNYC as a part of the Clock Your Sleep project. 

Jack is a part of a group of 7 to 8-year-olds who all sat down to discuss what their dreams are like, how dreams happen and what they think their dreams will be like when they get older. He also seems to think that "boys probably have more violent dreams than girls". And I've never had what he refers to as "nice, ballerina dreams", but those sound pleasant.

"I think a grownup would dream about the next day of the week or the next day of the weekend or the next day of the month or the next day of the year," a girl named Sophie says of adult dreams.

Our grownup dreams aren't THAT boring. That being said, you will have nightmares about work on a semi-regular basis, so you have that to look forward to, kids.