Drum roll please............Kim and Kanye have revealed the baby name!

Now, we were all left a little in the dark over the past weekend when Kim had her baby girl in California. Why? Well, Kim decided for the first time EVER that she was going to keep the name of her baby girl private for a little while.

WHAT? Kim, this is so unlike you.

Well, somebody (we're not going to name names) got a hold of the birth certificate and the little dear has been named....


North West. Yeah, that's right. The name that everyone has kind of been buzzing/making fun of since the beginning.

Most of the world was expecting a "K" name for the little bundle of joy. However, what most of us forgot about (which is easy to do when it involves a Kardashian because they're in the constant spotlight) is that Kanye is the baby daddy. Usually, baby's get their daddy's last name.